EDDIE ARCADIA is best known as the singer for the band VOZ FRONTERA.

Born in Los Angeles to recent immigrant parents from Mexico, Eddie took advantage of a bi-cultural upbringing, absorbing American music, television, and films, but retaining a profound love and respect for his Mexican roots.

At age 15 he moved with family to San Diego later attending college there where he studied a mix of Engineering, Political Science, and Visual Arts. It is there as a student where he began a trajectory towards film, television, and entertainment, writing and filming a short film entitled "Two Nights, Three Days", named after the Voz Frontera song of the same name.
This Black-and-White 5 minute short film was filmed in 16mm with the help and participation of friends and colleagues, and he has desribed it as "Part Sci-Fi, part music video, and environmental statement". The short film details the adventures of the band Voz Frontera in the year 2073: a difficult time when Global Warming has taken its toll on the earth.

In 2005 he founded Modelstar, a Multi-media production house producing high-definition programming for the Latin community, based in San Diego.

In 2007 while filming a promotional video in Mazatlan, Mexico, Eddie had an idea for an original Telenovela - the wildly popular export of Latin America - called "Modelos", about the experiences at an international talent agency. In this project Eddie found an opportunity to showcase his visual, artistic, and musical talent.

Eddie is currently filming this production in San Diego, Los Angeles, and Mexico. Arcadia was born June 25th in Hollywood, California.

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